Dad Wants a Massage Too

When people think of the health and wellness industry, they think it is predominantly dominated by women.  Here at LaVida Massage + Skincare, it is actually a 60-40 (women to men) split. We encourage all genders to take an interest in their self-care. Don’t let the stigma scare you away from getting your father a LaVida Massage + Skincare gift card.

It can be hard to shop for Dad! Does he already have every toolset? Does he already have a dark blue tie? Instead of a materialist gift, give him an experience this year. If it is your Dad’s first-time experience massage therapy, he will love it! Even if it’s not his first time, he will still love it! Each massage is a little bit different. This year, say thank you with a gift from LaVida Massage + Skincare.

Every Dad works hard in their own way and there is no better gift than the gift of relaxation and recovery. Whether your father works a blue-collar job, white-collar job, or just needs a break from life, a massage is the best way to show you care about him and his health. If your Dad is all about physical activity, the sports massage could be the right fit. If your Dad suffers from back pain, a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage can help him get rid of the problems that bother him. At all LaVida Massage + Skincare locations, we offer custom full-body massages. This means whatever your father needs, we can tailor a massage to him. As they say, no two Dads are exactly the same.

For more information on the different massage services that are offered at your local LaVida Massage + Skincare, go to lavidamassage.com to find the location nearest to you. Each location offers different types of massage services and products, but the best way to see what LaVida  Massage can do for your father is to come in and talk with one of our Sales Associates!